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Pool Operator

Job Summary: Cleans, checks chemical balance and performs repairs to resort’s swimming pools and auxiliary equipment. Essential Functions: • Removes leaves and other debris from the surface of the water using nets, and clearing intake covers of debris. • Cleans bottoms and sides of pools using underwater vacuum cleaners, hoses, brushes, detergents, acid solutions and sanders. • Responsible for the proper maintenance and repair of the resort pools & spa, and that the pools are always clean and in good operating condition. • Inspects, cleans and replaces loose or damaged tile. • Cleans and repairs the pools filtration systems, to include backwashing, all filter baskets, skimmer baskets, skimmer cover lids and weir gates. • Adjusts and repairs heating and pumping equipment. • Uses chemicals, in prescribed amounts, to purify the water in all pools. • Prepares a daily service report and testing report of materials used, worked performed and ph and chlorine results to document health department requirements. • Ensures compliance of all applicable laws. • Performs all other job requests as assigned. Job Specifications: • Must possess excellent customer service skills. • Must have effective oral and written communication skills in English. • Must have basic math skills and aptitude. • Must have a professional appearance and attitude. • Must be a certified Pool Operator. • Must have a minimum of one (1) year experience in related field.

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